Spectator overlay problem


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Hello guys, thank you for checking out this thread!
I am having an issue I was hoping somebody here could help me out!

Basically I want to Cast over some age of empires games live on stream or for videos on youtube so i downloaded the overlay and its great.

One issue I am having though is with the notifications on the left hand side of the screen. If I am watching a 1v1 I know no matter who i am spectating I get notifcations for everything a player decides to do like build a house, make a military unit etc. is there a command I use to disable these notifcations ? I find it happens so often it creates clutter on the screen and its abit obnoxious to be honest lol. I have watched streamers cast games live but they have the mdisabled I just dont know what setting to use or if there is a command. thanks for the help in advance anyway guys, if you need anymore info please let me know
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You can use F1 to cycle through the extended help modes. If you want to see the bigger hover tooltip boxes, you'll want to set it to On/Off, else to Off/Off

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