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Problem with playing in voobly.


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Hello. :D I have problem with playing against humans. When i try to join it says "Your version doesn't match the host version. Make sure that you both have the same version and patch." something like it. xd
Early in the day i played in ****** one time and it started giving this error again. My version is 1.03. -_- help xd

The game is Age of Mythology The Titans
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You might have some altered files from some mods - in such cases it's best to perform clean reinstall - that means uninstall the game, back up files you want to keep (recs, saves and such) and then delete the AoM folder (you might want to do the same with the Age of Mythology folder in My Documents) - after that install the game again, apply 1.03 patch and launch Voobly to get the nocd launcher.

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