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HD Hotkeys

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Sets hotkeys to the DEFAULTS used in the HD Version and Forgotten Empires.You can also customize your own hotkeys, and use this mod to switch between the two.This mod will NOT overwrite any custom hotkeys you may have set.You may need to run Vooby/AoC as an admin for this to work.Apply the following settings to both programs:compatible.png
for those of you who cant get the hotkeys to be saved , try this :1 - open a game room 2 - in the menu click on "Game"3 - check "[You must login to view link]"4 - launch the game ( the game will start like in offline mode )5 - go to options : * now either you will find that you dont have have a profil and you will be asked to choose a name . * or u will delete your current name and create a new one .6 - close the game and uncheck "start at single player menu " and launch the game and set your hotckeys PS : if you follow all steps and the problems is still not fixed , then : - go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Voobly\gamedata - delete "aoc" folder - restart voobly - open a game room and uncheck the "HD Hotkeys" mod (if you have that mod installed ) - repeat the steps from step 3 to step 6 warning setting hotkeys on voobly works like if you were setting hotkeys on normal aoc .you can't give buildings same hotkeys (not like aoc hd on steam)
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