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AOC Sorter 2.5 - by BokiSergy


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1. AOC Sorter 2.5 is new version of the program which sorts your records inside SaveGame folder, and auto renames records to get relevant name by players and map type. After auto renaming, records are easier to find and keep in archives. Its incredibly useful tool, and I believe it is something many players dreamed to have.

What AOC Sorter 2.5 works:

2. Before start using, please read carefully readme.pdf document. After reading, and installation, you are ready to try your first start of AOC Sorter 2.5. Then, make some records or download some which got default name: “recorded game”. But u surely already have many of these ^^

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3. Start the AOC with AOC Sorter 2.5. After AOC starts, exit the AOC, wait few minutes and after check ur SaveGame folder. Your records will get auto rename. With new feature auto-rename-records the program will rename all default named records with their relevant information, grabbed it directly from mgx files.

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Format of rename:

4. But its not all, AOC Sorter 2.5 will sort your records in Loading Screen every time its started, and your last added records in SaveGame folder will become top records, so you can easy find them, pick, load and watch. No more searching. Also, you will be able to find all players and maps simply using Windows search.

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5. If you add old records again into Save Game folder ( already added but you don’t want search them because they could be deep down in the list), just copy them again into SaveGame folder, and AOC Sorter 2.5 will put them top in loading screen ( make sure AOC Sorter 2.5 is started, or else Windows will ask you to overwrite ).

6. AOC Sorter 2.5 takes care about clones of same mgx files into your SaveGame folder. It recognizes same files structures and deletes duplicated records, so it helps you keeping free space and takes care about keeping your records archives more ordered. Cloned records will not take extra space and will be deleted.

7. AOC Sorter 2.5 detects changes in your SaveGame folder and sort mgx files and auto renames in real time (works only for current last recorded game and only if AOC Sorter 2.5 is started).

HOW to Install:

1. before use, backup all your recorded games, making new folder and copying all mgx files ( for your safety)
2. put AOC sorter 2.5.exe, RECANALIZER.EXE and recanalyst.dll in Age of Empires II /age2_x1 folder
3. start AOC sorter 2.5.exe
4. it going to do this:
I) start itself
II) start AOC the game
III) sort all recorded games inside SaveGame folder by creating header and adding numbers
IV) sort all new added records SaveGame folder in real-time (also works if u copy multiple records)
V) rename your just recorded game in real time
VI) delete cloned records while is exiting
VII) auto rename all default named records while exiting (the program starts the RECANALYZER.EXE)
VIII) turn off itself when AOC is closing
5. from now, use AOC sorter 2.5.exe to start your AOC game, and just make a shortcut of AOC sorter 2.5.exe to the desktop to use it as u used to start standard AOC shortcut

Note: AOC sorter 2.5 doesn’t affect on voobly playing or any multiplayer or single player. It sorts recorded games only inside SaveGame folder in game. It supports up to 9999 records, but for best performances keep number of records inside SaveGame folder under 2000. If you have any problem, send me pm.

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8. And many more new things are added in new AOC Sorter 2.5. It is much more flexible and it got many improvements. Read FAQS section of readme.pdf for more informations, its very detailed^^

Happy watching recs!! Enjoy in the AOC Sorter^^ ;)


DOWNLOAD: [You must login to view link]
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Размещено17 de de 2011 - 04:22
pretty cool
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Размещено17 de de 2011 - 04:44

I have thousands of recored games that I would love to have named.
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Размещено17 de de 2011 - 09:18
Very nice :) Good job
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Дата причоединения 22 de de 2009
Размещено17 de de 2011 - 18:36
Tnx ;)
I will keep up with developing tools and support the community with anything I can help :) I really like to put time into something useful and contribute^^
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Размещено18 de de 2011 - 04:53
Really Handy tool... Good Job..!!
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Размещено18 de de 2011 - 05:12
Very nice mate!

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