W10 Help?


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I followed the guide for W10 and game crashes on launch still on W10?

I DL complete fixed files from VirusGaming. (I have multiple copies of the original game.)
I installed the Registry file and made sure compatability was set right on the RS.

When I launch game just crashes to Desktop. :(

I then tried to isntall DXWnd and added the file and hit RUN on Rougespear.exe in DXWnd and nothing happens.

Any help?
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i use dxwnd fine. make sure that the .exe that dxwnd is targeting is the exact same as the .exe in your folder, right now to capitalization
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RS Installer & Fixes >
[You must login to view link]

Higher resolution than 640x480 >
Run regedit
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432Node > Red Storm Ent... > Rogue Spear > Full Screen > CHANGE TO FALSE
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Wow6432Node > Red Storm Ent... > Rogue Spear > Video Resolution > CHANGE TO DESKTOP RES OR HIGHER (1280x720 RECOMMENDED)

RogueSpear.exe properties: Run in 16 bit colour + Windows 7 or 95 compatability + Run as admin
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Come on to Voobly I'm usually on at 9PM PST
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Same problem for me.

I tries the fixes from [You must login to view link], DXWnd (with the right target), DXGL, regedit modification from S4B0T4G3_rwr.

Run as admin, 16 bit colour. Tried all resolutions and all Win compatibility.
Tried with Covert Ops too.

I have a file named Rommel who say :

OPTIONS: Could not read KeyMapFileName file rommel.kmp, using defaults
OPTIONS: Could not read BoundKeyMapFileName file boundkey.txt, using defaults
ColorToValue() : Unknown bit depth (32)
Selecting sound device Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
driver is {}.{403c9ffd-d098-4c63-b577-ea233b0f026d}
EAX Support not available
Voice Manager not available
DirectDrawSurface::ConvertRSB() : Unknown pixel desc.

Any other idea before i try Virtual Machine ?

Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

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