RoR: DM?


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Размещено15 de de 2017 - 13:39
Does anyone still play this game? I used to play back in the early 00's under the tag __Mr__Yellow back on the zone.

If people still play DM, I'd be up for installing (Downloading?!?) and trying to remember how to play :)
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Отредактировано20 de de 2017 - 21:50shaftgravy
a couple still play DM on voobly... ive been finding its much easier to find a DM game on GR tho
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Размещено11 de de 2017 - 23:58
Hey. You can join the discord to chat to players here:

[You must login to view link]
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Отредактировано2 de de 2017 - 05:49ColdHardCash
god knows how to play any more, Phil.

I have Age of Empires 2: HD Edition on Steam.

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