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Why do YOU play AOE?


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Дата причоединения 7 de de 2015
Размещено15 de de 2015 - 04:59
sometimes when im baked and pondering deep thought i wonder why people still play this game?
I personally have been playing like 5 years on and off and i still love this game. I remember playing as a kid but that is not why i play, it holds no sentimental value. I play becuase i find this game quite hard. I play Cs and i am terrible I play Rm and i am terrible. It is so challanging i love it.

Anyways im retartedd for talking about nothign but really i wonder why do you people still play this game 15 years old haha when there must be better games out there?

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Дата причоединения 6 de de 2014
Размещено15 de de 2015 - 12:10
because the Age of Empires II have been the best game created in the history. There is persons that think that a new game mean better game and this logic is so wrong.
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Дата причоединения 17 de de 2012
Размещено15 de de 2015 - 12:21
been playing aoe2 since 2000 and i cant find a legit reason to quit even if cs looks like a nightmare at times compared with zone
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Дата причоединения 5 de de 2015
Размещено15 de de 2015 - 13:13
Because it reminds me of being a kid, and also I just love RTS's in general, including SWGB and Empire Earth/Warcraft, etc. There's such strategy and customization in games like this and I fancy having alot of control over the game world as I am a programmer at heart. The fact that you can create your own variations of these games along with the already well-packaged vanilla game is the clincher and the reason I'll play this game 50 years into the future when there's holographic TV's and what have you.
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Дата причоединения 31 de de 2011
Отредактировано15 de de 2015 - 13:17HidingBeyond
I don't know. I went 5/6 years without thinking of it then got stuck again a few years back. Its addictive.
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Дата причоединения 6 de de 2013
Размещено15 de de 2015 - 13:27
AoC Magic ;flowers
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Дата причоединения 25 de de 2014
Размещено15 de de 2015 - 13:48
good question , I ask myself that too, and i m trying to quit, i was able to quit for 4 months when life got busy, then i got back to it loving it even more, why? phew
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Размещено15 de de 2015 - 14:48
I think this question will have some common answers from users

1) Its addictive - may be you play on and off, or you played it continously from like 5-10 years. It surely is addictive.
2) Its aggressive - This would be my point. Aggressive need not necessarily means violence. you have to be completely involved in the game for span of minimum 30 minutes to as long as 2 hours.
3) Variety - Its like a fruitplate where you get a lot of different kinds of people. Some are abusive, some helpful, some cunning, some will never surrender, some are just on top of the game, and some are very good at every aspect of the game.

Some are true captain, they will keep on motivating you. Even if their score is low, they will just push the boundaries. And then Some are just cribbers, pessimistic dwarfs ( which I personally hate)
What is life without variety?

You get everything here and that's the reason everyone enjoys AOC :)

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